The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Feature By Jonathan Chapman MA

Atmospheric story telling with a limited colour palette.

Acrylic and ink on paper -


The Secret Garden

This was a concept piece I made a few years ago… it’s strange how you can lose ideas towards the bottom of a pile of work and then rediscover them all over again months (or in this case… years) later. My paintings always have the capacity to go dark and atmospheric, and i’m hoping this rich velvet colour palette works within the traditional of a gothic fairytale. This rediscovery has ignited new ideas which i’m hoping to get finished around the Christmas holidays… so look out for results early in the new year.

The Secret Garden by Jonathan Chapman

I’ve also selected ‘The Secret Garden’ as my entry for the illustration friday blog. It’s not a new illustration, but it has inspired a whole new series of work this week. Take part in the weekly challenge…

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